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Study, Perform & Shine

A life well lived is a life full of great memories and in great company. Join us for an exciting ride toward unforgettable moments in the studio and on stage. Train in a fixed team and shine on stage!


Dive Deep into dance technique

Don´t just learn, study! Join us for a deep dive into the world of dance & culture. Expand your horizon for Dance Technique and study with us the techniques of Salsa & Mambo in the depth.


Study with experienced teachers

Six month of focused training in a group of dedicated people under the supervision of experienced dancers and teachers. We focus on your development 100% and guide you through the process. 


Dance with us worldwide

Our Online Academy was created with lots of love for detail to make you dance with us from wherever you are. All our classes are live streamed and you can participate from wherever you are located. 


Yerba BuenaBerlin

Presence classes & Hybrid classes

High quality Performance Projects, dance classes and Workshops. Led by educated and experienced dancers and teachers. Our goal: Offering you the best learning experience in which dance lessons are not only fun but also guarantee the best possible learning success. We help you tap into your potential and discover what you can do. How do we do it? With professional training in dance, dance education & choreography and with over 20 years of experience on stage and in class.

Yerba BuenaOnline 

Exclusive online classes

 More than just online classes! We combine our passion for teaching with our mission for connection. We love to get in contact with our students and  take on the challenge together. You are never alone in your learning process and will be guided through your process at any time. All courses are limited in the number of participants and we know the names of all our students. Bye bye impersonal online classes, hello to the new generation of online learning!



"A life well lived is a live where we dance through all the challenges life throws at us.

We catch them as a team and dance through the rain together, we grow together"


Transforming people and communities lives through dance education for the benefit of future generations

Yerba Buena make professional dance education accessible for everyone and thrives to be an indispensable resource in Germany and worldwide for helping individuals to learn about dance so that they will thrive as dancers and human beings. We believe the journey of a dancer should be accessible to ever BODY!


We thrive for transformation as a result of the experience of our professional dance program. Transformation not only for the individual but through this also the transformation of following generations. Every element of Yerba Buena reflects care, fairness, excellence, community and beauty in diversity and is an inspiration to transform the student experience into one of discovery and meaning about dance and culture. The goal is to motivate transformation and to enrich the experience of life and to become conscious about our role as part of the community.


Dance acts as an essential counterweight to the often narrow and polarizing discourse of many societies. In this way, dance is essential to the fabric of a healthy life and a meaningful connection to the community we live in and engage with. This we do through a culture of joy and care in which every body gets the possibility to thrive and discover their full potential in a save and loving environment through the language of dance.


We want to engage people of all kinds, professionals and amateurs, and support and inspire the next generation of leaders in our dance community with one of a kind dance classes. We thrive to inspire them to develop and carry out their own culture of joy and care for the benefit of future generations.


We care to connect people of diverse backgrounds and across generations by igniting imagination, by engaging them through accessible educational programs and through teachers and experts that reinforce our core curricula and values. Our classes encourage development of consciousness and connection and address the unique social and emotional needs of every student through carefully structured classes and community activities. The promotion of self love and acceptance we create in every class bounds us and is expressed through the love for dance and art. A culture of community that is lived by each and every single of our teaching artists and creators in every class creates and atmosphere of limitless and transformative learning possibilities. 



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