work on your technique & Repertoire

Study with the Yerba Buena Method and learn all the secrets of Salsa & Mambo. Build up your Basic from the ground and walk through our classic syllabus of Shines & Partnerwork.

Structured into 3 Levels you will learn all important techniques, Shines & Patterns that you need to shine on the social dance floor and on the stage. If you wanna learn the Style with structure and dedication or our LAB´S are the perfect place for you. 


learn a choreography & perform 

Dance, learn & perform is the motto of our performance projects. Every semester we have a unique selection of performance projects from international choreographers like Tania Cannarsa, Sarah Balzat, Chiara Tofani, Adolfo Indacochea, Franklin Diaz and many more amazing artist. You get the chance to study the style of the Choreographer in the deep, bond with your team and perform on national and international stages. For sure and unforgettable time!

Stay connected with the COMMUNITY

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