Transforming communities & future generations through joy & care and with a support that is fanatical. We believe in quality education and never stop learning! 





“Every single student is precious to us, we know your name and are ready to walk with you every step of the way. As dancers we wanna share our passion for expression with you. As teachers we are without rest until everybody get´s the chance to reach their full potential. As friends we take your hand and walk together through an amazing adventure that will create memories forever” 

We’ve been teaching dance students since 1999. And now, we’ve brought together everything we’ve learned, for teaching dance students around the world through our classes, lessons and interactive communities. By working closely with many of the best dancers, teachers, and coaches in the world for many years, we have collected a wide range of technique and styles to give YOU now the most organized, intuitive, and effective way to rapidly improve your dancing. Next to giving you access to a versatile range of experience, knowledge and assistance in learning we have created our own signature method of bringing the best results for our students. Supporting them becoming better dancers, growing as human beings and express themselves as creative and intelligent artists. We do what we love here is how:

Practice makes perfect. And better practice gets you there faster, more efficiently, and with way more fun! 



Making professional dance education

accessible for everybody.

Transforming communities through joy

& care for the benefit of future generations.

Yerba Buena make professional dance education accessible for everyone and thrives to be an indispensable resource in Germany and worldwide for helping individuals to learn about dance so that they will thrive as dancers and human beings. We believe the journey of a dancer should be accessible to every BODY!


We thrive for transformation as a result of the experience of our professional dance program. Transformation not only for the individual but through this also the transformation of following generations. Every element of Yerba Buena reflects care, fairness, excellence, community and beauty in diversity and is an inspiration to transform the student experience into one of discovery and meaning about dance and culture. The goal is to motivate transformation and to enrich the experience of life and to become conscious about our role as part of the community.


Dance acts as an essential counterweight to the often narrow and polarizing discourse of many societies. In this way, dance is essential to the fabric of a healthy life and a meaningful connection to the community we live in and engage with. This we do through a culture of joy and care in which every body gets the possibility to thrive and discover their full potential in a save and loving environment through the language of dance.


We want to engage people of all kinds, professionals and amateurs, and support and inspire the next generation of leaders in our dance community with one of a kind dance classes. We thrive to inspire them to develop and carry out their own culture of joy and care for the benefit of future generations.


We care to connect people of diverse backgrounds and across generations by igniting imagination, by engaging them through accessible educational programs and through teachers and experts that reinforce our core curricula and values. Our classes encourage development of consciousness and connection and address the unique social and emotional needs of every student through carefully structured classes and community activities. The promotion of self love and acceptance we create in every class bounds us and is expressed through the love for dance and art. A culture of community that is lived by each and every single of our teaching artists and creators in every class creates and atmosphere of limitless and transformative learning possibilities. 



Our new Semester Projects are starting soon! Check them out and become a part of our wonderful community. Dance, learn and get to know new people all in one. Click the button to get more info





All of our classes are hybrid classes and limited in participants so we can give you our full attention at any time. All classes are live streamed into our easy to use and highly intuitive Yerba Buena Online Academy. With this it becomes easy to catch up on missed classes, repeat a class or just remember what you have learned.

All classes are streamed in HD Video Quality and with a professional sound system.

With our YB Academy App you are ready to access your class everywhere and any time

from your phone, tablet or computer! You decide when, where, with full flexibility and we give you the best tools for the most exciting learning experience!

Check it out, it is for FREE!



Our new Semester Projects are starting soon! Check them out and become a part of our wonderful community. Dance, learn and get to know new people all in one. Click the button to get more info




All our teachers are highliy experienced and educated experts in their field. We love dance but we believe that for the best learning experience you need not only the best dancers but the best educators. That is why we only hire educated dancers and teachers at Yerba Buena. Get to know them below.

Hi! I'm

Sarah Balzat.

Teaching Artist & Artistic Director YBAC

“I believe that you can learn whatever you set up your mind to. Together and through dance we explore your power and find what makes you unique so that the world can see you in your full potential ”

Hi! I'm

Lisandra Cervantes.

Teaching Artist

Born in Cuba, she received her education at the I.S.A. (Insituto Superior de Arte) with the degree Art Master, specializing in Traditional Folk Dance.
Lisandra now lives in Berlin, was a teacher and participant in various dance competitions and organizes and teaches workshops in Germany and other European countries.



Our new Semester Projects are starting soon! Check them out and become a part of our wonderful community. Dance, learn and get to know new people all in one. Click the button to get more info

Thank You! 

Yerba Buena was founded in 2007 and in a long process with the help of many people, students and supporters. Many people have put their heart and soul in this project and have helped it become what it is today: A home for many students.

I wanna thank everybody for believing in my vision and for walking a part of it with me. Many of them are now big influencers and amazing teachers themselves to more people in this world, this makes me proud and humbles me. Without your support and effort Yerba Buena would not be what it is today! Thank you!  

Giving back...

Yerba Buena Charity is a non-profit project of the Yerba Buena Art Community and focuses on the organization of non-profit events to support smaller and larger aid organizations. We want to encorage peopel to get involved into bigger questions, raise their awareness and offer them the opportunity to help. This strengthens the community we live in and actively contributes to resolving global crises.

Our recent  Works 

Check out some videos of our performances

Yerba Buena Charity “Bella Mujer

“Bluesette” Glam Mambo Project by Carla Voconi

“Mambo Gozón” Yerba Buena Charity Event “Living Water”

“Fiesta a la King” Eddie Torres & Sarah Balzat

Choreography “Timbalito” Hamburg Festival 2017

Community Piece “Living Water” at our yearly Yerba Buena Charity Event

Yerba Buena Showcase at Valentines Festival Berlin

HH Salsa Festival “Karel Flores Team Germany”

“Ran Kan Kan” Choreography Charity Event by Adolfo Indacochea

“Maria Cervantes” Yerba Buena Charity

Berlin Salsa Congress “Karel Flores Team Germany”



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